Weekly Board Updates

May 22, 2020

Homecoming Community,

As announced last week, this a the HOA’s update.


As many of you are aware the Management Company has been asked to increase their focus on violations per the HOA Board’s direction. In conjunction with their last inspection, over 140 violation letters were sent out for items ranging from lawn maintenance, trash cans, commercial vehicles (semi tractors) and other major violations such as abandoned vehicles and major trash. Please note that the Management Company was asked to look for all covenant violations, even ones not normally cited like trash cans.

The Management Company was not directed to cite vehicles blocking sidewalks during their last inspection due to ongoing discussions with the City of Greenwood regarding this subject. Vehicles blocking sidewalks will be a primary focus item as well as lawn maintenance and other violations during next week’s inspection.

Just for reference, the Management Company (Main Street Management) does biweekly inspections and it takes about a week to get the violation letters out. Also, a summary of the violations will be sent to the HOA Board as compiled. Please note that this is not a public document and cannot be distributed due to privacy concerns. However, this information will be useful in our ongoing dialog with the City regarding blocked sidewalks and commercial vehicles.

One quick comment regarding cars parking on the street. This is very difficult to enforce because the actual ownership of the vehicle is unknown. Unless the vehicle is abandoned or non-functioning there is little the HOA can do. However, I am please to say several disabled vehicles were reported to the City of Greenwood and now are process of being removed.

As I am sure you aware there is a hierarchy in laws and statutes regarding levels of enforcement.

  • Indiana State Law
  • Greenwood Municipal Code
  • HOA Covenants

The enforcement remedies that our HOA can take are governed under IC 32-25.5 (ARTICLE 25.5. HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS). Please note that the streets, sidewalks and parks are under the control of the City of Greenwood and therefore fall under the City’s jurisdiction.

HOA Annual Assessments

We are significantly behind on collection of the annual HOA dues. Currently we have 167 delinquent accounts total $47,959.97. These were due March 1st. The Homecoming HOA Board has agreed to extend the due date to July 1st due to the recent economic crisis. After that, all unpaid assessments will be turned over to collections.

Homecoming Pool

For those of you missed the post, the pool will be closed until further notice. Please note that under Phase 3 of the Governor’s reopening plan “Community pools may open according to CDC guidance”.

With the social distancing requirements and the capacity limitations, the HOA Board feels that it would be very difficult to manage the pool until all Covid19 restrictions are lifted. We are continuing to watch for updates on this situation and will manage accordingly.

General Response to Questions

Rental Properties

Rental Properties are governed under the same rules as the rest of the community.


As stated before, the streets in Homecoming are the jurisdiction of the City of Greenwood and they have the responsibility to address the issue. Speed bumps are not a good remedy as they impact all users and can cause damage to low clearance vehicles. Speed bumps are also an impediment for snow removal and cause emergency vehicles to slow down when responding.

HOA Annual Meeting

The Homecoming HOA Board will schedule an annual meeting as soon as it’s safe to do so. The size of the clubhouse does not promote social distancing and we are proceeding with an abundance of caution. A virtual meeting is not being considered.

Parting Thoughts

One thing I have learned from the Nextdoor forum is that my family and I are really blessed to have the neighbors we have; no cars parked along our street (unless overnight) and no one blocks the sidewalks. All the yards their yards are maintained, and they take pride in the community. I will note that it took some outreach on my family’s part for us to meet everyone on our block, but the effort has been rewarded.   The best advice I have is to get to know your neighbors.

John Leckie – Board Member