Board Updates



April 16th, 2023

6:00 PM

You are hereby notified that there will be an Annual Meeting of the HOMECOMING AT UNIVERSITY PARK HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. This meeting will be held on April 16th, 2023, at the following location:

Homecoming Clubhouse


The agenda for the meeting will be:

  1. 6:00 – Call to Order/Introduction
  2. Erik Robertson with Reserve Specialists, Inc
    1. Will present the 2022/2023 Reserve study findings.

A Quorum Being Present:

  1. 7:00 – Report of the Board of Directors
  2. Financial Review
  3. Election of 3 Board Members
  4. New Business / Q&A
  5. 8:00 – Adjourn

If you have any questions regarding the annual meeting, please contact Marissa Scheffler at


08/29/2021 Update

Sunset Candlelight Vigil TONIGHT! Sunday Aug 29 in Homecoming (All Welcome).

Sunday Aug 29th: Please invite your neighbors, friends & family to join hearts & homes in honor of the lost, including the service members & civilians killed in Afghanistan and those who have died from COVID-19. Meet at flagpole 8 PM in front/north entrance of Homecoming (between park & pool). Bring your own light (candle/flashlight/cell phone) You are invited to bring a photo of a lost loved one. Everyone is welcome: prayer & moment of silence will be respectful of all traditions. This is a non-political, community-wide, solemn event.

On August 29th 30 residents of homecoming at University Park gathered at sunset for a candlelight vigil to honor fallen heroes & COVID-19 victims and Foster community unity. Based on the outpouring of support, more such events will be planned for the future.


05/10/2021 Update

Homecoming HOA, I have two topics I would like to discuss, Unpaid HOA dues and the new and existing Homecoming Committees.

Unpaid HOA Dues

During the Annual Meeting I mentioned the amount of unpaid HOA dues the Homecoming HOA had.  As of today, we have 125 households in Homecoming that have yet to pay their 2021 dues amounting to $36,282.  This represents 15.3% of our annual budget.  On June 1st, 2021, all unpaid accounts will be turned over to collections.  Households with unpaid dues will be unable to access the pool or rent the clubhouse until those accounts are settled.

Please note the Homecoming Board is not permitted to discuss unpaid dues and all inquiries should be made to Main Street Management.


Homecoming Building & Grounds Committee   

All, as mentioned in last month’s annual meeting, I would like to form a committee to assist with buildings and grounds.  The scope to the committee would be:

  • Monitor the common areas and ponds
  • Assistance at the pool
  • Assistance with the clubhouse

Currently I am charged with all these tasks and do my best with the help of my wife to keep up with everything.  However, there will be several weeks this year where we will be unavailable and if an issue comes up, I would like to have someone I could call for assistance.

Furthermore, I would like to be more proactive in addressing concerns.  While I do my best, I don’t see everything in the neighborhood and often play catchup. Mowing of the common areas (frequency and quality) and trash are the concerns I am often contacted about.  It would be nice to have other people to help with this.

Regarding the pool, I am at the pool everyday its open and sometimes have had to make multiple daily visits to address issues (6 times is the record).  For example, my wife and I are the only people other than the attendants who know how to turn on and off the pool pumps.  It would be nice to expand this knowledge to other members of the HOA.

The clubhouse requires pre and post rental inspections and cleaning if necessary.  This is critical on weekends when we have back-to-back rentals.  Please note we do have a contracted cleaning crew for the clubhouse, but they are only scheduled monthly.

So, if you are interested in serving you Community, please contact me via PM.

Architectural Review Committee

We are always interested in new members for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  Current we have 3 members to review all the applications we receive (I am the only Board member who serves of the committee).  Most of the applications are for improvements like patios and fences, however some requests are more exotic.  In the past week, the ARC reviewed and approved 7 applications.

Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee is always looking for new ideas and those who want to make Homecoming a better place.  Activities like the Egg Hunt, community clean up days and the Yard of the Month contest are examples of the what the committee does. Please contact my wife April via PM if you are interested in helping with the committee.

In conclusion if you ever have any questions, please PM me.  I’m pretty good at answering inquiries promptly, with the exception of those I refer to the Management Company for response.

John Leckie


05/03/2021 Update

2021 Homecoming Pool Opening Schedule

The Homecoming HOA pool will officially open Saturday May 29th this year.  We also going to attempt to have a “soft opening” starting Saturday May 22nd to ensure that everything is ready on time for Memorial Day weekend.  During “soft opening” the pool will be open as normal but expect possible issues with logistics.  Each year presents new challenges including scheduling of pool attendants and making sure the pool is operational.

It’s not lost on me that we haven’t been able to open on time the past two years and we wanted to do everything we could to ensure the pool was open by Memorial Day Weekend.  During the “soft opening” I encourage everyone to make sure their access cards work and be patient as possible.

As noted in the correspondence that was included with the annual meeting mailing, we have a new card access system this year.  Everyone wanting to access the pool will need to submit a new application (along with a $10 payment).  If you have misplaced the application form, one can be found at the attached link.

The new card access system is a much-needed improvement and will eliminate the issues we had with system errors last year.  Please note that only Homecoming households in good standing (paid HOA dues) will be able to request a new access card.

If you have any additional questions, please PM me.

John Leckie


Homecoming Community,

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual Meeting last Thursday.  While we failed to have a quorum and could not hold elections, I hope at least you went away with a better understanding of what the HOA Board does.  Also, if you have additional questions or need me to elaborate more, please PM me and I will get back with you.

I prefer to keep my posts on Next-Door substantive and informative, but feel an in-depth discussion is best held privately.  Honestly, this is the only social media platform I use (other than LinkedIn for work) and I do so because it is a good way to keep the community of Homecoming informed.  I would ask if you have an issue or complaint, please think about what an acceptable resolution would be and how that would be achieved.  There are some reoccurring concerns that are difficult to address but we can discuss in detail via PM.

In the meeting I mentioned that I would like to form a Building and Grounds & Pool committee.  I am in the process of defining the function and scope of the two groups and will have more information in the near future.  The Architectural Review Committee is always looking for people to help review applications and the Community Relations Committee is extremely interested in new members and new ideas.

Although I will serve as President of the Board of Directors for the next year, I won’t be using the title.  The only thing the position of President enables is more direct connection with the Management Company, being the face of, and the ability to speak on behalf of the Board.  Having a Board of active, like minded members is much more important.

Lastly, I feel that actions and accomplishments are much more important than promises and feel that is the metric that any Board Member should be judged by.  Thank you for letting me serve our Community; I’ll do my best to meet your expectations in the next year.


John Leckie


June 22, 2020

Yard of the Month Award Program

The Homeowners Association Board is pleased to announce the creation of the Yard of the Month award program to show their appreciation and to recognize those homeowners who demonstrate superior effort in maintaining their property, and who, as a result, positively contribute to the overall appearance of the sub division of Homecoming at University Park. The program will award it first winner on August 1st, 2020. The program will award monthly winners during the months of April through September for landscaping, and for holiday decorations in the months of October (Halloween), November (Fall) and December (Holiday). Each monthly winner will receive special recognition on the HOA’s website and in the HOA Update, a $100 VISA gift card and the honor of displaying the official “Homecoming at University Park Yard of the Month” lawn-sign in their yard that identifies their property as the Yard of the Month winner.

Program Guidelines

  • Nominations for the Award are submitted by the homeowners of the community.
  • You may nominate any yard that fits into the guidelines addressed below.

Submittal of a picture of nominee’s yard to the following email

  • Nominations must be submitted prior to the 15th of the month to be included.
  • Nominations will be narrowed down to the top 3 by the Community Relations committee.
  • Voting will be open for a week for the residents to vote on their choice for the next yard of the month. Limit to 1 vote per household per month. (residents of the community only).
  • Landscaping awards will be presented for the months of May through September.
  • Awards for the best Halloween decorations will be presented in October, Fall decorations in November and Holiday Decorations in December.
  • The award term lasts from the first day to the last day of a calendar month.
  • The same property cannot receive more that one award in the same rolling 12month period.
  • The property of all current residents of Homecoming at University Park, both owner-occupied and rental, are automatically eligible to participate in the program, including those homeowners involved in the governance of the HOA.
  • Yard of the Month winners must be members of good standing with the Association, current with their Association dues, and free of current HOA covenant violations.
  • The occupants of a Yard of the Month winning home will receive the gift award.
  • The homeowners involved in the governance of the HOA agree to waive the gift card award if the are a Yard of the Month winner.
  • During their reign as Yard of the Month, winners are expected to maintain their yard in the same manner that allowed them to win the title.

Judging Criteria

Landscaping Awards (April through September): Yard of the Month candidates for landscaping are judged solely on the exterior appearance of their property as viewed from the street. Yards will be judged on neatness, landscaping, and color. Overall appearance and factors include, but are not limited to, tidiness and neatness of the front and side yards, pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs, edged and defined lawns, borders and flower beds, and a visually appealing façade.

  • Lawn: Healthy grass with no bare spots or excessive weeds. Grass shall be mowed and edged, and grass around foundations and fences shall be trimmed.
  • Landscape and Flower Beds: Beds weeded, mulched and edged. Trees and shrubs pruned. Efforts made to improve upon builder landscaping, including the inclusion of color and the installation of new flowers, trees, and shrubs.
  • Walkways and Driveways: Walkways and driveways shall be clean. Walkways, driveways and curbs shall be edged and free of debris and dirt. Use of accent and safety lighting for an improved evening appearance.
  • Aesthetics: The use of originality and creativity to create an inviting front entryway and a positive overall look to the landscaping and curb appeal. Formal or informal, use of color and textures, garden art, hanging baskets and pots.
  • Decorative Awards (October and December): Yard of the Month candidates for decorative awards are judged solely on the exterior appearance of their property as viewed from the street. General maintenance and upkeep of the yard and home is included in the judging. Overall appearance, tastefulness, creativity, decorating in the “spirit of the holiday”, and a visually appealing façade are considered.
  • October: The Yard of the Month award for October will be judged on the house with the best Halloween decorations. Spooks, goblins, black cats and pumpkins are all in order. Lights and animation are a plus. Judging will take place during the 3rd week of October.
  • November: The Yard of the Month award for November will be just on the house with the best “Fall or Harvest” decorations.
  • December: The Yard of the Month award for December will be judged on the house with the best Christmas decorations. Theme, creativity and originality in ornamental lighting and decorations will be considered, as will daylight and evening display. Judging will take place during the 2nd week of December.