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Homecoming section 7,10,11 addresses 

This is a notice that required city sidewalk replacement work in Homecoming at University Park will be starting as early as Mid-January. Inspections will begin the week of January 11th.  Work will be completed as weather allows.  Work will resume in the spring as necessary.  Concrete replacement will start in section 7, then sections 10 and 11.  This includes portions of Reunion Lane, Keepsake Run, Welcome Way, and Holiday Way.   If the public sidewalk in front of your property is/was deemed out of compliance during the City’s inspection, it was/will be marked with a white dot.  This means that the sidewalk will be replaced due to obvious cracks, or it is out of compliance with ADA cross slope requirements.    (Note: The City’s inspection pertains only to the public (city owned) sidewalk, driveway aprons and handicap ramps that are in the public right of way/ not on individual properties. Your property line is approximately 1’ behind the public sidewalk)

TRAFFIC:  Subcontractors will try to minimize any disruption in traffic while performing this work.  They will need your cooperation, especially when the work required is on or near driveways.

DRIVEWAYS:   If the sidewalk across your driveway is being replaced due to the cross slope, it may require a portion of your driveway apron to be replaced.  Access to your garage may be temporarily impeded.  It is recommended that new concrete is not driven on for 10 days or parked on for 28 days. If portions of your driveway are being replaced, the contractor will knock on your door the day of service to ensure vehicles are appropriately moved.

LAWNS:  Subcontractors will disturb areas of grass during the repairs.  This will be back filled and re-seeded as necessary.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS:  The subcontractors will take note of irrigation systems and do their best to ensure they are not damaged.  You will need to turn off your systems near the sidewalks while the work is being done.  If the number of white dots suggest extensive repairs along your sidewalk and you have an irrigation system, we would encourage you to reach out to us via the e-mail below and we can deliver locate flags for you to use to identify the location of the sprinkler heads.

Again we hope this does not cause too much of an inconvenience.  Work will be completed as efficiently as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Rausch.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Matt Rausch

Ryan Homes




Important Message

This is a reminder that City of Greenwood ordinances prohibit the placement of any structure within an easement without the approval of the Board of Public Works and Safety (BPW&S). By ordinance definition, a fence is considered a structure. Also, any subsurface work in an easement by other than a utility requires BPW&S approval.

The letter from Greenwood along with the Encroachment Request required to be submitted to the City of Greenwood are both posted under HOA documents on this website. You may also visit www.greenwood.in.gov for additional information. Please be sure to follow the ordinance requirements even if you have received approval from the HOA for your fence. Each owner is responsible to file these requests directly with Greenwood to seek approval.”

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The board asks that residents please not feed ducks or geese as this can cause harm to the waterfowl and increased pollution in the lakes.

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